Titmouse Art Swap! I made this Seventh Colossus fan art for mah bro, Gabe, to mark his triumph over terrifying underwater seabeasties. I remember watching him play this game at my house, sweat beading up on his forehead as he told me that underwater creatures scare him the most. While delivering the final blows, he stood up much in the same way that little kids do when they want to peer around the window of the TV screen. We had to take a break and drink a beer to keep his heart from exploding. FUN TIMES!

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Oh hey! Here’s some animation I did that all my LoL nerd friends can enjoy!

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Hoorey for textured brushes! Boo for not knowing what to do with them…

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Dreams come true! Topic: “Nerd Love” with Josh Howell and Mike Carlo! Follow these talented dudes if you aren’t already. They are two of the best people I work with.

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ALEX KWAN / Chasing Sunlight / 2:46 

Alex will make you cry. She is a total jerk like that. Her short was done for Titmouse’s annual FIVE SECOND DAY. This was her experience.

5 Second Day at Titmouse has always been an exciting time of the year for the artists at Titmouse because you get to showcase your ideas. Last year I submitted an animation about nothing in particular, not being fully aware of what to expect. During the premiere last year I watched a lot of animations that made me bust a gut, usually going in for the quick joke but the stand outs for me were the ones that focused on telling a story.


I was so inspired by it that a year later when we were asked to submit for 5 Second Day, I was overcome with anxiety on whether to tell a personal story or go in for the laughs. Like most artists, I have a story I’ve been working on which I’ve called ” The Shallot Knight”. It’s a story mostly focusing on the little kid vegetables in the short. The thing about showing personal work is that it means you are fully naked in front of your peers. If they dislike it, you don’t have anything to hide behind, nothing to laugh off your work’s shortcomings.  


Thankfully,  my close friends goaded me into pursuing something personal. With the course set to finish a short by the 5 Second Day deadline, I kicked my ass into gear to complete it utilizing every free hour and weekend I had for weeks. Even so, with the deadline looming I had to cash in friendship points with other artists to get the short done in time with only smiles and donuts as compensation.
At 7am the day it was due, it was finally complete and I submitted. I was too tired to even consider the consequences.  It wasn’t until the Monday after the premiere in LA I felt the full weight of praise. Coworkers, friends, and family all said they loved it. Some said they had cried.  I was so overwhelmed I laughed tears at my desk. My office mate called me ridiculous.
The completion of the short also aided in landing me a mentorship with one of my favorite artists. It launched me into pursuing my personal work even more.  I hope one day I can showcase more of this tiny vegetable universe.
See more of Alex’s stuff here.

WAUUUUUUUUUGH IT’S SHALLOT KNIGHT STUFF! Featured on Titmouse’s very own Shirts and Shorts Tumblr! Follow this tumblr for more amazing work from Titmouse’s very own artists! I’m always impressed by the breadth of work shown by my talented coworkers!

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Hey everybody. SHIRTS n SHORTS time!


SHIRTSnSHORTS is the newest tumblr made by the folks at Titmouse inc. Animation Studio. We are the studio who has done shows like Motorcity, Superjail, Randy Cunningham Ninth Grade Ninja, King Star King, China IL, Venture Bros, Turbo F.A.S.T.Metalocalypse, Black Dynamite, and many more cool commercials, pilots, and music videos. We like to make cool shit in other words. 

Well on this Tumblr you won’t see any of that….stay with me. Here you will see all of our films, art, and T-shirts we make for the love of the art. You can find this stuff on Tv or anywhere else. This is the stuff we make when no one is looking. We love what we do, so like an addict we can’t stop. This Tumblr will be full to the brim of all the experiments, brainstorms, and late night projects that we made when we couldn’t stop ourselves. Be prepared. All of what you are about see is totally raw uncut and uncensored, but it sure is fun.

Enjoy and follow us,

The people who work at Titmouse inc.

Follow this tumblr for an inside look at what the artists of Titmouse like to do outside of work!

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Starting June 9th.


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Here’s a gif of the process it took for me to complete “The Winnower” piece. What’s not shown is how many times I flip flopped this image in order to see if it was balanced. I made it into a gif because uploading a billion mistakes when i’m still trying to understand the process won’t help anyone but at least i can flash it quickly before your eyes. Cory Godbey helped me discover the colors a lot better than what I had originally and gave me a billion color tutorials. He’s amazing, you guys should really check him out.

 I still have a few minute tweaks to add to it so I’ll post the final up separately. 

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After getting the thumbs down to  where I wanted them to be approximately,  I was asked to do studies of elements within the image. I focused mostly on raven and Pyrenees architecture; the elements I felt would give me the most trouble.

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A part of the aforementioned class is coming up with thumbs for illustrations we plan to take to finish. 

On the Page 1, I came up with five thumbs, two which we decided weren’t as strong as the three we picked. Then Cory went over them with his own edits. Some were revised slightly to push the composition, one was re hauled completely and I was really impressed with the triangle composition it created (composition being the BIGGEST reason I took this class in the first place!)

Page 2 shows the same rehauls from Page 1 but then Cory asked me to go over these thumbs myself and make them tighter, adding edits where I saw fit. For the most part I wasn’t entirely sure what to do, it was really strange trying to correct someone who’s opinion I already respect. Still, it was a really fun exercise!

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I’ve taken a class with Cory Godbey with Motivarti to explore world building for my story, “The Shallot Knight” ( Shallot for short.) For the first week of class, we were just getting to know each other and suggested I sketch a warrior, a minstrel, and a keeper of the records from that universe. I’m not crazy about these designs but it was fun to flex some imaginative muscle.

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Meet Apricat!

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So my friend Eugene drew me as a chicken and then I was prompted into a clucking duel. The real treat is in the timestamp of each submission. I am completely disgusted with myself.

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Here’s a flip phone for the phone prompt! Who the heck uses a flip phone anymore? - Chunks

Prompt: phone!

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Topic: cute boys. Human Boota always made me feel funny in my tummy.

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